If you were looking to add some high end products to your store, we got you covered this week with some great jewellery ! All of these new products are from our high end line, which means you can expect to find beautiful earrings, pretty pendants and also some fancy rings. You can find the list of these 51 new products below, or you can click on the links to view each piece of jewellery separetly. Order them online or contact us directly to make the proper arrangement. We hope you like our newest additions !


New high end ring14k white gold ring with 5½-6mm round freshwater pearls and 0.04ct DTW diamonds.

New high end earrings14k white gold earrings with 7-7½mm Chinese cultured pearl and 0.04ct DTW Diamonds.

New high end pendant14k white gold pendant and chain with 7-7½mm Japanese cultured and 0.06ct DTW diamonds.

New high end pendant14k white gold pendant/17" chain with 9-10mm drop shape Tahitian pearl.

New high end earrings14k white gold earrings with 8mm drop shape Tahitian pearls and 0.15ct DTW diamonds.

You can check out each product individually if you want. Here is the complete list of the products we have added:
Pendants: HE-111, HE-112-G, HE-112-S, HE-134, HE,-139, HE-140, HE-141, HE-144, HE-145, HE-146, HE-147, HE-149, HE-153, HE-154, HE-160
Earrings: HE-113, HE-114S, HE-115, HE-116, HE-117, HE-118S, HE-119-G, HE-120, HE-121, HE-122, HE-123, HE-124HE-128, HE-129, HE-132, HE-135, HE-136, HE-142, HE-143, HE-148, HE-150, HE-151, HE-155, HE-156, HE-157, HE-158, HE-159
Rings: HE-127, HE-131, HE-137, HE-138
Sets: HE-110SET, HE-126, HE-130, HE-133

These products are available right now, order them online if you are registered or
contact us directly to make the proper arrangement. More new products will be coming soon, so stay connected to see the latest trends in pearls !