Small display of five14k gold pendant/chains pendants with round freshwater pearl, 17' chain. Each display contains: 1x RB-14-6Z (white pearl, 6-6.5mm, 9pts cubic zirconia) 1x-RB-14-7Z (white pearl, 7-7.5mm, 15pts cubic zirconia) 1x RB-14-7R (white pearl, 7-7.5mm, 15pts ruby) 1x RB-14-7S (white pearl, 7-7.5mm, 15pts sapphire) 1x RB-14-7E (white pearl, 7-7.5mm, 15pts emerald)


    Small display of 10 pairs of 14k gold leverback earrings with round freshwater pearl. Each display contains: HORB-6Y (6-6.5mm white pearl, yellow gold) HORBD-1Y (5-5.5mm, AA white pearl, yellow gold, .02ct DTW diamond) HORBD-3Y (6-6.5mm, AA white pearl. yellow gold, .06ct DTWdiamond) HORBD-5Y (7-7.5mm, AA white pearl, yellow gold, .1ct DTW diamond) HOF-30 (7-7.5mm white pearl, yellow gold) HOF-3 (6-6.5mm white pearl, yellow gold) HOF-12 (bezel leverback earrings, 7-7.5mm white pearl, yellow gold) HOF-11 (bezel leverback earrings, 7-7.5mm white pearl, white gold) HOF-40 (7-7.5mm white pearl, yellow gold) HOF-41 (7-7.5mm black pearl, white gold)


    Small display of 60 pairs of sterling silver stud earrings with freshwater pearl. Various sizes & colors. Each display contains: 3x BWS-3W (3-4mm, white pearl) 3x BWS-4W (4-5mm, white pearl) 3x BWS-5W (5-6mm, white pearl) 3x BWS-6W (6-7mm, white pearl) 3x BWS-7W (7-8mm, white pearl) 3x BWS-8W (8-9mm, white pearl) 3x BWS-9W (9-10mm, white pearl) 3x BWS-10W (10-11mm, white pearl) 3x BWS-11W (11-12mm, white pearl) 3x BWS-12W (12-13mm, white pearl) 3x BWS-6B (6-7mm, black pearl) 3x BWS-7B (7-8mm, black pearl) 3x BWS-8B (8-9mm, black pearl) 3x BWS--9B (9-10mm, black pearl) 3x BWS-10B (10-11mm, black pearl) 3xBWS-8G (8-9mm, grey pearl) 3x BWS-8PU (8-9mm purple pearl) 3x BWS-10PU (10-11mm, purple pearl)